How to Motivate Students for PE Activities

Motivating students at the school isn’t very difficult for some teachers and as a physical education teacher, it can be very tough.
You find yourself coming up with means like trophies and rewards to keep your students motivated. But they are out of appeal too and you’re again left with students that lack the motivation to take part in active PE activities.
However, you can get your students motivation during PE activities back by enhancing their intrinsic motivation. This refers to the satisfaction students get by the completion or engagement in an activity.
Let’s see some tips on how to develop the student’s intrinsic motivation.

1. Plan for activities that catch the students interest.
The first step of engagement is getting familiarized with your students. The standard competitive sports are not a must during the Pe sessions. For a change, you can try something like active dance if your students like to dance. The aim is to understand the student's interest.

2. Enhance self-directed learning opportunities.
Make students give themselves some targets for the day. For example, 5 push-ups could be something a student wishes to do during the Pe session. Let him and support him to complete it. It builds connection and trust.

3. Always better to use the target progressions.
Before you give complicated tasks to your students, always try getting them through with the basics. For example, when you intend to introduce softball to your students, teach them the basics of catching and throwing and other required basics firstly. This will give the students confidence in the way ahead.

4. Plan for activities that would promote success.
Don’t give unattainable goals to your students on purpose. Running a mile in 5 minutes is not motivation.
Provide them with activities they can work hard to achieve. Ask one of the good students to demonstrate the task so that other students understand it more and feel they can do the same.
Now adjust the requirements of the activities based on the strengths and weakness of students. When they succeed, they will be motivated to take part in more competitive works.