All About Sport

What is a sport?

It is surprising that although more than 97% of people in the world participate in or follow sports of one kind or the other, they tend to falter when asked to define the meaning of the term "sport." In its purest form, sport defines an activity that involves physical skill and exertion in which a team, consisting of two or more individuals or an individual competes against others or another entertainment, as well as for prizes, including monetary ones. There are two basic types of sports: those played indoors and those played outdoors. While there are no problems in hosting indoor games at any time of the year and irrespective of the season, it is not the same with outdoor sports where weather might affect the playing area. On a typical basis, rain is the spoilsport, as it messes up the playing area, making it slippery and dangerous for the participants of certain sports. In such a scenario, the hosts of the game use one means or the other to cover the playing area to prevent it from extensive damages extensively. In such conditions, the persons employed to conduct fair play of the sport might request covering of the playing area by one means or the other. In case of lawn tennis, played at the centre court of Wimbledon, there is an option to cover the roof of the stadium by sliding the specially designed and dome shaped roof inwards. This allows the game to continue despite the weather outside. However, there is no such option at present for other types of field sports such as football, hockey, cricket, and so forth.

Why sports are popular?

Sports are popular as they entertain millions of people from across the world to view their favourite players playing their preferred game. While football might be, unarguably, the most popular sport in the world, with a huge international fan base, the number of people enjoying cricket too is on the rise. Pitch is the name of the playing area of cricket. It consists of a strip of 22 yards in which wickets are placed at both ends. Two teams consisting of 11 players each participate in this game, the aim of which is dismissing the opponents using a cherry red coloured ball. Nowadays one-day cricket and 20 overs cricket have become so popular that they have taken over the popularity of "test cricket." The team that scores the maximum number of runs at the conclusion of the game wins the match. In case rain starts falling during the duration of the match, one of the umpires, the individuals entrusted with the task of conducting the match and take on field decisions, request the ground staff to protect the playing area by covering it with cricket pitch covers.

More information on cricket pitch covers

This prevents water from seeping in inside the pitch and rendering it unplayable. People play sports to earn fame for their country and earn money too. The gear required to play different sports differ. For example, the game of cricket needs a pair of stumps, a cherry red coloured ball, and protective gear for the players.